Sexy, gorgeous, desirable, sensual. You are all that and more! No matter your age, figure, profession or ethnicity, every woman has a side of herself that is often not seen and expressed.

Welcome to Boudoir by Brion and Karen, where we work with you to create stunning intimate portraits in a professional, yet relaxed and comfortable atmosphere designed to allow you to bring out your most beautiful, sensual self.

Many women are hesitant about doing a sensual shoot as they feel they don’t have the “perfect” body. Well the reality is, perfection really is more illusion than reality. We have a unique male and female photography/design team, as well as years of experience with sensual and boudoir shoots. We are wizards at posing you to create the most flattering photos. Whether you choose to create totally nude shots or would prefer to wear a little or a lot, we are committed to working within your comfort zone.

Contact us to make an appointment. We will happily take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have to make sure you are comfortable and confident before and during your shoot. We look forward to working with you soon to capture your “hidden” beauty and sensuality!