Q: What should I expect at my shoot?
A: Expect to have fun! Boudoir by Brion & Karen offers a unique husband and wife photography/design team that will help pose you to accentuate your best features, make wardrobe suggestions and create sets that result in beautiful, sensual, one of a kind photos. Our approach is to shoot in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, so relax and enjoy expressing a side of yourself you may not normally have the opportunity to express!

Q: What clothing and shoes should I bring with me to my shoot?
A: For bridal boudoir, we recommend that you bring your veil and head piece, if  available to you at the time of the shoot.  For all shoots, bring lingerie or any outfit you feel sexy in! For example, garters, stockings, thigh highs, bustiers, corsets, sexy bra and matching panties and sexy night gowns. Any color is fine, but you can’t go wrong with lingerie in colors such as red, black, white, gold, or pink. Bring high heels to match your lingerie outfits. We have a few pairs of loaner shoes, so don’t feel you will need to spend a lot of money buying shoes for your shoot!   We also have clients who love a natural barefoot look, who desire to project an exotic “goddess” look or who want something fun like their husband’s favorite jersey and baseball cap.   We recommend that you bring too many pieces rather than too few, since we will help you decide what to wear during your shoot.

Q: What accessories should I bring?
Like most women know, accessories make the outfit! Bring jewelry that has sentimental value to you or  evening types of jewelry — Dangly earrings, bracelets, necklaces. Diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds and the like are recommended. They don’t need to be expensive or even real pieces since they will appear fabulous in pictures! We have some loaner pieces as well, so you needn’t spend money buying jewelry for your shoot if you don’t have pieces you already own. We also encourage you to bring any other personal accessories that you would like to wear such as your husband’s favorite tie or vest, letter man’s jacket, favorite team jacket, his shirt or other items that will make your photos feel special.  And remember, this shoot is about celebrating YOU!  For example, if you are a belly dancer, yogini, athlete or belong to a sorority, feel free to bring accessories that reflect your uniqueness!

Q: What if I plan to include holiday or special occasion shots?
A: We offer holiday and special occasion shoots such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years, birthday and bridal boudoir shoots. If you will be doing a special occasion shoot, bring lingerie appropriate for the occasion. For example, you may want to make sure you bring lingerie in colors such as red, white, black and pink for Valentine’s Day, red, white, black or gold for Christmas. For bridal boudoir shoots, white lingerie of course, and other delicate colors. If you would like to bring your veil, garter, second flower bouquet or any other item that reflects your special day, we will be happy to use it. We also have props such as bouquets, garters, a wedding gown and veil that we can use if you would prefer not to use your own.

Q: Do I need to make any special preparation for a couple’s shoot?
A: Couples shoots are essentially the same as individual shoots. However, you may want to incorporate a little “fantasy” into your couples shoot. For example, you may want to wear nothing but his shirt, while he’s wearing jeans and no shirt in a shot. He may want to wear a business suit, while you are wearing a sexy corset with stockings and garter. Or maybe you want to wear the business suit, while he wears only his boxers!  Let your imaginations run wild…this is a chance to see yourselves as you once were, as you are when no one is looking or who you would secretly like to be as a couple!

Q: Do I need to know anything special about Boudoir Party shoots?
A: We offer boudoir party packages for 4-6 friends who want to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party or just for fun! Feel free to bring light refreshments with you and enjoy this unique opportunity to have fun with your friends, while you create beautiful and unique individual images of each of you! Please contact us for more information.

Q: What about my hair and make-up?
A: Most of our clients prefer to have their own stylist do their hair and/or make-up and some prefer to do their own. In either case we strongly encourage our clients to make sure their hair and make-up are done before they arrive. However, if you would like professional hair styling and/or make-up application, we work with a stylist/make-up artist who can provide those services at an additional cost. Remember that you will be showing a lot of skin, so don’t forget to shave as if you were headed to the beach and make sure those toes look pretty if your feet will be bare.

Q: What if my body isn’t perfect?
A: Join the club! MOST people do not have perfect bodies, in fact, the reality is, there is no such thing! The purpose of a boudoir shoot is to express and capture in photos your most sensual and beautiful self. We will help pose you in a way that accentuates your best features and minimizes those you are least comfortable with. That said, prepare to be surprised by how gorgeous and sexy all of you is going to look in your photos!

Q: What if I want to pose nude for my photos?
A: This is YOUR photo shoot and your pictures! We always shoot around your comfort level. Regardless of how much or how little you choose to wear, we will shoot you in a tasteful manner to produce pictures you will be proud of for many years to come.  We will show you how to pose to create “implied” nudity without having to actually get naked. :))

Q: I’ve never done a shoot like this before, do you help with posing?
A: Absolutely! This type of photo shoot is new for most people. We will assist you with poses and ensure that you are comfortable during your shoot.

Q: What if I would like to bring a friend or escort with me to my shoot?
A: You are more than welcome to bring someone along with you to the shoot. We have a comfortable waiting area where they can watch television, use their lap top, or read during your shoot.

Q: What is your privacy policy regarding my photos and who will see them?
A: Your photos are YOUR photos, so no one will see them unless you want them to. If we would like to use any of your photos on our site, we will ask your permission and ask that you sign a release.  We also use a password protected gallery that only you have access to, so your photographs are PRIVATE!

Q: What is the minimum age for a boudoir session?
A: The minimum age for a boudoir shoot is 18 years old. You will be asked to show ID when you arrive for your shoot.

Q: How do I pay for my photo session?
A: Simply select the package you would like to purchase and you may pay using any major credit card or paypal.

Q: What happens after my shoot is over and I am ready to order my photos?
A: Immediately after your shoot is over, we have a comfortable, private area in which you will be able to view all of your photos. You will have the opportunity at that point to order pictures, as well as the many beautiful items we have available to display your pictures. For example, we offer beautiful professionally bound albums of your favorite images, 12-month custom calendars of your favorite images, 16x20 canvas portraits, custom DVD slide shows of your images set to music, CDs with all of your images, as well as anything else you can think of to show off your beautiful new photos! Pricing information will be available for special packages, as well as for individual items.

Q: I’m ready to get started!  How do I set an appointment?
A: Send an email to and you will be contacted immediately with how to proceed.